Wednesday, December 15, 2004

After the course is over....

Well I know I will be using my pocket PC, I used it for directions, for weather, for scheduling, and for playing games in class. The Pocket PC is ideal for getting organized, I mean you can keep everything in it, and evenutally we will rely on it more. Once we have more things to do, because right now we are college students without many cares in the world, but eventually in the real world we need to stay organized to be effiecient, and having a pocket PC to stay orgranized is perfect. I do use it alot for games, especially chess, and second to that is scheduling, but other than that I will be using it for presentations and such. It was a good investment, the Pocket PC and the class, I learned alot. So many other students have had trouble doing basic things with their PCs, I thought they were joking when some of my friends asked me for help. This class did pay off, and now I don't have to go to the bookstore to return an IT book for 50% of its price, they suck. I will be using my pocket PC in the future.

Pocket PC Usefulness

Well I used my Pocket PC for many things besides for class. It came in handy for mapquest especially, I save the directions on my pocket PC and then use them in my car when I go places, works great, especially at night because of the backlit LCD. I also use my Pocket PC for the weather, I keep the Axim connected to my PC all the time so it syncs regularly, it works out well. At first I used my pocket PC alot for scheduling because I had trouble remembering my schedule. My pocket PC also came in handy when I did my GB 101 presentation, I loaded all my notes on to the Pocket PC and read off of it, I looked very professional. My pocket PC has been useful and I will continue to use it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Programming was awful, I thought excel was bad, this was beyond that. In excel the formulas were tough to formulate, but I did understand them when I got them. With Programming I was a bit lost, that didn't help but I did figure it out to make my Car game work. The pleasure I got out making my game work was awesome, it felt good, because I was working on my game till 4 in the morning trying to debug it, and when I finally got it, it was great. Programming is tough, takes alot of time, alot of patience, and alot of work. I used to take it for granted the sweat that went into developing software, this helps the ethics in buying software, because I know what went into making the software work, I will be less likely to pirate. Programming was a good section, a good way to finish the course, I learned something and thats what matters.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Setup Posted by Hello

The Form Posted by Hello

Paint Calculator

I tried my best to get the paint calculator working, but unfortunatley I failed. At first, I was one of the few who filled the whole room with paint, once i figured that was wrong, i revised my work. I did set up the paint calculator and made the calculations, but it seemed I was missing a few crucial pieces to make the calculator work. The form showed no build errors at one point, and when I tried launching it, it did not work. I spent about 2-3 hours just trying to make the calculations work, but all the effort yielded not much progress. In the end I quit, without a working pain calculator. If i just got it to work, it would have been great, I mean when I got the tip calculator working, and that felt great. But unfortunatly, i failed at the paint calculator.

Saturday, November 27, 2004


Linux isn't all to different from Windows in appearance. It seems that the layout of Linux was derived from Windows. But besides the similarities in appearance they are quite different. Linux is more open, it allows the user the freedom of choice, freedom of source code, and freedom to alter applications. Because Linux allows this level of freedom, it requires knowledge to make it work, and the general public would rather use something already established by a company, such as Windows. Even though Linux has a simple layout, there is much more to it than just appearance, and thats why most people use windows, it is easy all around, and it has automatic everything. Automatic meaning, Windows has all the control, and they track your every move, because they are a creepy company. Anyways, most people prefer Windows. I would not mind using Linux at all, but since I am more familiar with Windows, I prefer it over Linux. The only reason is that I have more knowledge with Windows.
As said before, open-source allows alot of freedom to the user, but it requires knowledge to use it. Open-source software lets you customize the whole operating system to your needs, it works well with companies and businesses in general. For the general public, Windows is the way to go, because of its ease of use.
If Linux is free, why the hell doesn't everyone use it, because people are too lazy to put in the effort to learn Linux when Windows is everywhere and already familiar. People tend to stick with what they are familiar with. Windows is the dominant platform, while Linux is growing in popularity, it will never grow to be as large as Windows.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

File Sharing

Downloading copyrighted music has its risks, people have gotten caught, and people have been taken to court. Is the risk really worth it? Well, honestly I have downloaded copyrighted music before as many of us have. Here at Bentley I have not downloaded music from an outside source, I have used our local network to download music, which seems to be the safer bet. But I do not take it to the extreme by downloading thousands of songs just so I can say I have a large media library, many people do that. I am worried about getting caught, but music I downloaded and really like, I usually ended up purchasing the CD because I want to support artisits I like. Also the quality is always better when you purchase the actual CD, some songs have been copied so many times that the quality degrades.
What can be done? This has been a constant issue of debate, everytime one file sharing software is shut down, another one is born. It seems to be a continous process, and with people using local area networks to download music it is even harder to prevent. I believe that some how, the original CDs need to be protected from being copied, if those CD can't be copied than there wouldn't be a problem. But besides monitoring illegal music downloading, not much else can be done. - Why I've stopped sharing music - Sep. 8, 2003 - Why I've stopped sharing music - Sep. 8, 2003

We can all relate to this situation. We are all college students and we all download music. Most of our file sharing is copyrighted music and even with all the uproar about illegally downloading music we still do it. This article is about a 17 year old kid, Dan, who goes to Princeton university. He ran a campus wide music search engine which allowed students to download copyrighted music. The music industry slapped him with a law suit and brought him to court. After hearing about the incident, many students deleted music from their hard drives to wipe away evidence if illegal music, when something like this happens close to him, precautions are taken. Here at Bentley, last year students did get persecuted for downloading copyrighted music, and now the school subscribed to a service to allow students to listen to music, only stream, not download. After the incident in the article, Dan, settled on paying the industry $15,000 for his illegal activity, since then he has bought all his music by subscribing to a music service, and he has been gathering money to pay off his fine, he says the music isn't worth the penalties.

Friday, November 12, 2004


Spam is quite annoying, let me tell you. Now that I have my IBM PC and I am at college, I rarely use my PC at home. Well I gave my PC at home to my sister who is 13. I tried using it recently and found that it was running very very very slow. I opened up windows explorer and about 7 pop ups came up instantly, from there windows explorer froze. When I finally had only one window open, I found that there was about 4 different search toolbars that had appeared, there was the google, aim, viewpoint, and another bar. I went to add/remove programs and found about 22 different web enhancing programs installed and a few other random programs. My computer was full of junk, all spyware, and most of it due to spam. I dont know what my little siblings do on the computer, before I left it ran perfect. When i asked how this happened, I found out my other little sister who is 8 got her own e-mail account. It made sense that she had no idea what she was doing, and spam led to the destruction of my computer. It took me a solid 2 hours to get the computer back to normal, I uninstalled all the useless junk on the computer, performed system checks, and removed spyware. Now I am the only computer adminstrator.
Spam is a huge problem, if there was anti-spam act I would defintly be on the list, but as we know most spam comes from other countries and there is no way of stopping it, just preventing it. E-mail providers can only filter so much junk mail, not everything is caught. Also when installing programs, they have many added features the companies like to install, i always stay away from that junk and that is why my IBM PC runs so great, I hate spam.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Pocket Excel

Pocket Excel is everything that it says, it's excel in a compact pocket version. Besides the small viewing area of our pocket pcs and using the stylus to enter data, there are a few minor flaws. I had trouble entering long and complicated formulas into excel. Also for graphs pocket excel does poorly, I wouldn't use it for any graphs. Besides that there aren't any other major differences. It just takes a little more time to get something done on the pocket version.
Pocket Excel has many uses, for instance it would be great for my father who deals with Real Estate, he works with property and apartments. He could use excel for cash flow statements, as well as keeping track of rent and such. He could then easily trasnfer the data to his home PC. Also for our convenience store, my father could keep track of inventory on excel, and other little things that would help keep things organized. Pocket Excel has its many uses, I would use it to record data at the track when I race my car during the spring and summer, it would help me get organized and get rid of all those paper slips they hand out. I love my Pocket PC