Friday, September 24, 2004

Sept 20th and 22nd IT Blog

Life with my pocket PC has been great, it has really helped me. It also saved me from missing an important meeting, these things are great. I did have a problem with mine, it kept freezing so i needed to do a hard reset, thus losing all my memory, which wasn't fun. I was fortunate to have it syncronized with my laptop, because once i plugged it in, it automatically restored my schedule which was great. Now i constantly back up my pocket pc to make sure i don'r have any problems in the future.
I have many things in store for my pocket pc, i'm going to use it on the road, when i need movie times, or check weather and sports. Also i hope they have some sort of gps technology that will be availible for pocket pcs, so i can use it for directions as well. I believe i will be using my pocket pc constantly, just taking notes, keeping me schedule, staying organized, and just having fun. I am really glad i took this course to be able to have this experience.


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