Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Sept 27th- 29th Blog

This is my second post for the same week, because i posted my first one, got an error afterwards, and lost it all, it never posted and I lost my whole blog. Now i do not feel like re-typing the blog, but i have to.
Well, this week i installed aim, display controls, and entered in my whole schedule for the Men's Forum group. Aim is great on our pocket pcs, it is quick and basically you can carry on a conversation at almost the same pace as you do on your laptop. The transcriber makes it simple, transcribing whole sentences is very easy and quick. I found wireless at Harvard square and used it to chat with some of my friends while i waited for the shuttle. I also had to re-install the display controls because i lost all data on my pocket pc, i had to perform the hard reset, which wasn;t fun at all. It took a while to get everything back on, but luckily as before, i had it n'sync with my laptop. I took snap shots of my pocket pc screens to post on the website, which is still quite raw but it should be good. It will definetly be a reflection of who i am.
I did find a, which is registered to another behzad, a website mostly dedicated to himself. I didnt look but i am sure i could find a domain name close to my name. Personally though, i would never register it, i mean i would create a nice website, but i would rarely update it, so there is no point. Plus, it costs money to register a domain name with .com or similar. You know us college kids, we need to pay tuition, every penny counts.


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