Friday, September 17, 2004

Sept.13 - 15 IT 101 Blog

The class is going well. I have been learning alot. I signed up for IT 101 to learn more, I have a basic understanding of information technology, and I believe this intensive course will help further my understanding. I also have started using my pocket PC, which I love. It is a great piece of technology and is exactly what I needed to help me stay organized. Also it has many useful features, and it substitutes as an mp3 player. I have a 256mb SD card that I going to fill with music, it is going to be great. I really am enjoying my pocket PC.
I did scan my computer for spyware and adware, and I was amazed I found so many hidden files. I have also been keeping up with disk clean up and defragmentation, to make the computer run smoothly. The adware software is really great, and I would recommend it to everyone. But besides that the laptops have been great, no problems yet, and I try to keep up with backing up my documents.


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