Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Software Evaluation

I installed and reviewed the Remote Amp for my evaluation. The installation required installing it to your pocket PC as well as your PC. The installation was easy and the program runs great. I never thought they would have a program like this. It was definitely made for the lazy man. I love laying in bed and controlling the playlist on my PC. I have a separate sound system connected to my PC and it is great for our little dorm room get togethers. A lot of my friends are amazed by my pocket PC and consider remote amp the "coolest thing ever dude".
Thanks to Chris Aversa's very detailed and informative power point presentation I am enjoying remote amp. Chris Aversa is quite adept in the field of IT, a great student as well. I actually had a little but of fun with the program. I installed it on my roommates PC while he was in the shower. I tested it on him when he was using is headphones and listening to some music. Let's just say I freaked him out a bit, it was great. He promptly uninstalled the program. I enjoy using the remote amp, except for the muting of the song. I most likely will purchase the full version when I am more adequately funded.


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