Monday, October 11, 2004

Wireless with Pocket PCs

This weekend I traveled far and wide to discover wireless. Actually I am exaggerating the fact, but I did travel to find wireless. Here in Windham, NH i went to the starbucks in Barnes and Noble and found free access to wireless. It was totally free and the connection was quite good, I believe they offer wireless for free because most people buy food from starbucks or purchase something from Barnes and Noble. No one actually goes there to read and use internet for free, who would do something like that? Well I did and it was fun. Also another place I tried out was Pinera, which I believe offers wireless internet at all their locations. The internet there was also free, and I bought a small pastry. Other places for wireless was harvard square, i went there on saturday afternoon and found wireless. And one other place I found wireless was my own home, I apparently one of my neighbors has wireless and it was open, so i used it.
I love having my pocket PC in the car, I have had my car on campus for a little while and my pocket PC has helped a great deal. I got lost in Boston on Sunday, so i found wireless internet and went to mapquest and got directions back to school, it was great. Also I wanted to check the weather forecast before I washed my car, because why spend money when its going to rain the next day. So i got wireless and updated the forecast on AccuWeather, and i got the forecast. So my Pocket PC did come quite useful, and my next task is to go to the Aston Martin dealership in Waltham and whip out my Pocket PC and pretend I am all fancy and such. Should be fun.


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