Sunday, November 21, 2004 - Why I've stopped sharing music - Sep. 8, 2003 - Why I've stopped sharing music - Sep. 8, 2003

We can all relate to this situation. We are all college students and we all download music. Most of our file sharing is copyrighted music and even with all the uproar about illegally downloading music we still do it. This article is about a 17 year old kid, Dan, who goes to Princeton university. He ran a campus wide music search engine which allowed students to download copyrighted music. The music industry slapped him with a law suit and brought him to court. After hearing about the incident, many students deleted music from their hard drives to wipe away evidence if illegal music, when something like this happens close to him, precautions are taken. Here at Bentley, last year students did get persecuted for downloading copyrighted music, and now the school subscribed to a service to allow students to listen to music, only stream, not download. After the incident in the article, Dan, settled on paying the industry $15,000 for his illegal activity, since then he has bought all his music by subscribing to a music service, and he has been gathering money to pay off his fine, he says the music isn't worth the penalties.


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