Sunday, November 21, 2004

File Sharing

Downloading copyrighted music has its risks, people have gotten caught, and people have been taken to court. Is the risk really worth it? Well, honestly I have downloaded copyrighted music before as many of us have. Here at Bentley I have not downloaded music from an outside source, I have used our local network to download music, which seems to be the safer bet. But I do not take it to the extreme by downloading thousands of songs just so I can say I have a large media library, many people do that. I am worried about getting caught, but music I downloaded and really like, I usually ended up purchasing the CD because I want to support artisits I like. Also the quality is always better when you purchase the actual CD, some songs have been copied so many times that the quality degrades.
What can be done? This has been a constant issue of debate, everytime one file sharing software is shut down, another one is born. It seems to be a continous process, and with people using local area networks to download music it is even harder to prevent. I believe that some how, the original CDs need to be protected from being copied, if those CD can't be copied than there wouldn't be a problem. But besides monitoring illegal music downloading, not much else can be done.


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