Saturday, November 27, 2004


Linux isn't all to different from Windows in appearance. It seems that the layout of Linux was derived from Windows. But besides the similarities in appearance they are quite different. Linux is more open, it allows the user the freedom of choice, freedom of source code, and freedom to alter applications. Because Linux allows this level of freedom, it requires knowledge to make it work, and the general public would rather use something already established by a company, such as Windows. Even though Linux has a simple layout, there is much more to it than just appearance, and thats why most people use windows, it is easy all around, and it has automatic everything. Automatic meaning, Windows has all the control, and they track your every move, because they are a creepy company. Anyways, most people prefer Windows. I would not mind using Linux at all, but since I am more familiar with Windows, I prefer it over Linux. The only reason is that I have more knowledge with Windows.
As said before, open-source allows alot of freedom to the user, but it requires knowledge to use it. Open-source software lets you customize the whole operating system to your needs, it works well with companies and businesses in general. For the general public, Windows is the way to go, because of its ease of use.
If Linux is free, why the hell doesn't everyone use it, because people are too lazy to put in the effort to learn Linux when Windows is everywhere and already familiar. People tend to stick with what they are familiar with. Windows is the dominant platform, while Linux is growing in popularity, it will never grow to be as large as Windows.


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