Friday, November 05, 2004

Pocket Excel

Pocket Excel is everything that it says, it's excel in a compact pocket version. Besides the small viewing area of our pocket pcs and using the stylus to enter data, there are a few minor flaws. I had trouble entering long and complicated formulas into excel. Also for graphs pocket excel does poorly, I wouldn't use it for any graphs. Besides that there aren't any other major differences. It just takes a little more time to get something done on the pocket version.
Pocket Excel has many uses, for instance it would be great for my father who deals with Real Estate, he works with property and apartments. He could use excel for cash flow statements, as well as keeping track of rent and such. He could then easily trasnfer the data to his home PC. Also for our convenience store, my father could keep track of inventory on excel, and other little things that would help keep things organized. Pocket Excel has its many uses, I would use it to record data at the track when I race my car during the spring and summer, it would help me get organized and get rid of all those paper slips they hand out. I love my Pocket PC


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