Friday, November 12, 2004


Spam is quite annoying, let me tell you. Now that I have my IBM PC and I am at college, I rarely use my PC at home. Well I gave my PC at home to my sister who is 13. I tried using it recently and found that it was running very very very slow. I opened up windows explorer and about 7 pop ups came up instantly, from there windows explorer froze. When I finally had only one window open, I found that there was about 4 different search toolbars that had appeared, there was the google, aim, viewpoint, and another bar. I went to add/remove programs and found about 22 different web enhancing programs installed and a few other random programs. My computer was full of junk, all spyware, and most of it due to spam. I dont know what my little siblings do on the computer, before I left it ran perfect. When i asked how this happened, I found out my other little sister who is 8 got her own e-mail account. It made sense that she had no idea what she was doing, and spam led to the destruction of my computer. It took me a solid 2 hours to get the computer back to normal, I uninstalled all the useless junk on the computer, performed system checks, and removed spyware. Now I am the only computer adminstrator.
Spam is a huge problem, if there was anti-spam act I would defintly be on the list, but as we know most spam comes from other countries and there is no way of stopping it, just preventing it. E-mail providers can only filter so much junk mail, not everything is caught. Also when installing programs, they have many added features the companies like to install, i always stay away from that junk and that is why my IBM PC runs so great, I hate spam.


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