Wednesday, December 15, 2004

After the course is over....

Well I know I will be using my pocket PC, I used it for directions, for weather, for scheduling, and for playing games in class. The Pocket PC is ideal for getting organized, I mean you can keep everything in it, and evenutally we will rely on it more. Once we have more things to do, because right now we are college students without many cares in the world, but eventually in the real world we need to stay organized to be effiecient, and having a pocket PC to stay orgranized is perfect. I do use it alot for games, especially chess, and second to that is scheduling, but other than that I will be using it for presentations and such. It was a good investment, the Pocket PC and the class, I learned alot. So many other students have had trouble doing basic things with their PCs, I thought they were joking when some of my friends asked me for help. This class did pay off, and now I don't have to go to the bookstore to return an IT book for 50% of its price, they suck. I will be using my pocket PC in the future.


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